Have Some!!!

Somebody call Timofey Mosgov because he’s finally off the hook. I so wanted to be the first one to blog about his, unfortunately I struggled to find a video. Damn internet was being a bitch telling me “Safari can’t connect to the internet.” Suck it AT&T Uverse. Your shit blows. Anyways, back to this dunk. There are no words to really explain what Blake did right there. I posted earlier today about LeBron’s alley over John Lucas, & even brought up Vince Carter’s dunk in the Olympics, but this dunk by Griffin? This dunk? This one takes the cake of The Best of The Best. Good thing homie from the Bengals was retired from Sportscenter Best of The Best because he was getting past The Blake Show. & how about the announcer saying “its almost as good as a Mosgov? Let me quote Zack Ryder real quick with an, are you serious, bro? Like your partner said, its waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy better than the Mosgov. This one was just as far, his hand actually touched the rim, & it was against an all-star caliber defender in Kendrick Perkins. Perkins ain’t no slouch hombre. & Blake, Blake ain’t no slouch either. Straight killing the competition with his no soul, ginger ass.



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