You Can’t Pick Your Family

Here is a clear example of not being able to pick your family. Its one thing when an aunt, uncle, or older cousin disagree with you, but its the complete opposite when its your own pride & joy, your son, rooting against you. Ain’t that some shit? Kid just witnessed LeBron-Bron catch an alley from D.Wade, & the whole family gets the “Let’s Go Heat” chant going. I can only imagine what Boozer must be thinking… “I get all you tickets, basically front row, & you’re all cheering “Let’s Go Heat?????” Ahh fuck it Carlos, you deserved it. Your own son isn’t even wearing a Boozer jersey. Kids all fresh to death in a button up.

With that said, if I were Boozer I’d still lay down the law. I wouldn’t just take away birthday gifts & Christmas gifts, I’d basically auction them off on eBay. & by them I mean the children, not the gifts. Hit up Jerry Martin, he should be able to help you out.



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