Pre-Super Bowl Party

What’s the first thing the Sports Reporter reads when he logs onto his Facebook & Twitter this morning? Posts & tweets about his friends going to the Patriots Send-Off Rally at Gillette Stadium. I had to log off both instantly. There was no way I could take hearing anything about the Patriots that early in the morning, & there were way too many individuals that I’d have to hear it from. As a member of the Northeast Corner of CT, the Pats are “our” home team. & with their success their bandwagon has poured over with fans. Its just spewing right now. From mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives, to grandparents, dads, brothers, husbands, boyfriends & uncles who have never watch sports. Its outrageous how many fair weather fans there are around here. Its so pathetic that my buddy STL & I have nicknamed them “Championship Fans” because with their championships, they’ve bought fans. Downright awful. Makes fans like myself just nauseas thinking about it. & where does Ronda get off saying, “New England is a real class act”? I guess she didn’t get the memo about the Patriots being the same team that was caught a few years back videotaping opposing teams practices & using them during games. I’ll take it as an honest mistake. Stay classy New England.



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