It’s My Team So I’ll Cry If I Want To

Last night while the Sports Reporter was working out his liver, my buddy asked me if I would cry come Sunday night if the Patriots beat the Giants. My answer? Hell motherfuckin’ yes. You kidding me? That’s my team. I’ll cry through the bad times & cheer, screaming during the good. So when I was shown this video by members of my family, telling me that this would be me,-yeah my family members are dicks- I instantly felt for this dude. I was home that day, freaking the fuck out when we lost in the playoffs. All thanks to Cheddar Bob & his .22 to the thigh. Absolutely killed me. & what’s with the broad in the back mocking him & calling him a pussy? Bitch you probably grew up a Cowboys fan & your one dream was to become a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, then you realized that you A) weren’t that fine, & B) Cheerleading isn’t a real profession, just an activity. The dude was having a minor anxiety attack & you just helped antagonize. You should have taken your white beater, knock off Abercrombie sweatpants wearing ass to the kitchen & made that dude a mean ass BLT sandwich.



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