Epic & Tennis? Together?

So tennis had their Australian Open this weekend & apparently Djokovic defeated Nadal in an “epic” match. Tennis? Epic? You gotta be kidding me. Apparently it was “epic” because it went all 5 sets & lasted 6 hours. That doesn’t sounds “epic” to me, that sounds like torture. Both for the player & the viewer. Can you imagine having to run left and right for hours upon hours, swatting at some damn ball? & worse, can you imagine having to watch that shit? Kill me now. I struggle to watch 2-3 hour movies. I pity the fools who sat in the stands watching that “epic” event. May God be with you.

I will note that while watching ESPN’s highlights I did learn one interesting tidbit of information: Australia is a day ahead of us. Go ahead & laugh, but I had no idea the time zones were that far stretched out. They’re present is literally our tomorrow.


One thought on “Epic & Tennis? Together?


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