Child Please.. Money Ain’t No Thang

Brady to Ochocinco was thought to be a lethal combination when New England acquired the diva receiver for a 5th round & a 6th round draft pick. Upon further review, Ocho has been a bust. & that’s putting it reeeeeaaaaaalllll nice. He caught 15 more passes than Terrell Owens… & Terrell Owens didn’t play one game. But, what does Mad Chad do to make up for this??? Mad Chad goes out & buys each one of his teammates Beats By Dre Headphones. Dropping a whopping $28,000. All so his boys can enjoy their 3 hour or so flight from Boson to Indianapolis. What a dude. Can’t do shit, but he’s willing to drop mega bucks on everybody. He’s like the Sugar Daddy for the New England Patriots.

Below are a few photos of Mr. Ochocinco’s personal Beats By Dre:



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