A League Of Their Own

Yahoo! Sports – Anna Kimball is a 7-year-old girl in Allen, Texas. She and her younger brother Carson are incredibly close, and they participate in a number of the same after-school activities. One of those is baseball, where the Kimball siblings play for the same pre-Little League youth baseball team. Or at least they did until Thursday night. According to Dallas-Fort Worth Fox affiliate KDFW, that’s when the Kimballs’ mother, Tami Kimball, got a call from the team’s baseball coach notifying her that Anna wouldn’t be allowed to play on his team this year, simply because she’s a girl. “I can’t believe that’s she 7 and already having to face this,” Tami Kimball told KDFW. “She’s already having to hear someone say, ‘Because of who you are, because you were born a girl, you’re not allowed to go do something.'” – Cameron Smith

I don’t want to be that guy, but I kind of agree with the Pre-Little League coach. The mom is baffled that her daughter is “already being told what she can & can’t do?” Really, lady? There’s a reason “softball” was created. & women’s basketball. & the LPGA. Males & females were created differently. Girls & women are constantly preaching & requesting women’s rights, but yet they have their own leagues. If little Anna really wants to play with her brother then one of her brother should be allowed to play in the softball league. But that would never happen. A) because no dad would EVER allow his son to do that, & B) if it were allowed, & that boy was running the league, dominating, uproar would happen & he’d be sent to the boys league. No matter what sport it is; football, basketball, baseball, golf, or tennis, the top male performer will almost always defeat the top female. Not because males are better, but because we’re genetically given an advantage. We’re made to be stronger & faster. Its just nature. Little Anna should be glad that she’s allowed to play ball with the other girls, & not stuck in the 40’s & 50’s where she would have been given an Easy Bake oven & told that was her “toy.” & can this mom get her kids some speech lessons? 6 & 7 year olds my ass, they sound like they’re 3 & 4. I have toddler cousins who can speak better English.


One thought on “A League Of Their Own

  1. She has to play with other girls? Even if she’s better than some of the boys on the team? I understand to segregate professional teams by gender because men are in average stronger than women, but come on this are little kids. And the coach admitted that the girl was a better player than her brother who gets to stay in the team


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