Not Top 10 Re-Done

I started this post solely looking for #7. It was one of the greatest fails I’d seen. Not only does the dude from Iowa State totally air ball his first shot, but on his second he catches himself in a fuck up & goes all street ball, calm & casual with his “oh I just meant to spin the ball, not shoot.” It’s so much better than 4, 5 & 6. Its not even close. Its possibly even better than #2. The Not Top 10 should have went “Pro Tennis Players Whiff Like Mofos”, “High School Kid Makes 3 For Other Team”, & then “College Player Doesn’t Know How To Shoot A Free Throw.” Basically, I feel like if you’re pros & you can’t do the basics of your job then you automatically get put at #1. “Oh you’re a tennis player but can’t hit a tennis ball”, automatically #1. No doubt about it.



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